When Valentine’s Day comes around, single people typically are not as enthusiastic about the romantic holiday as couples are.

But considering more than 315,000,000 people live in America and nearly 20,000,000 reside in New York alone, if one wants to jump into the dating world, there is certainly someone for everyone.

With the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, many people are looking for love in places that were once considered taboo, such as on the Internet.

Dating sites such as OkCupid, which was launched in 2004, has become one of the most well-known and used free online dating services in America, with more than 7 million users.

So if you choose to look for a love interest on a dating site such as OkCupid, what should you know about online dating?

According to news outlet Quartz, when people online date, there are two traits that matter the most overall: teeth and grammar.

Personality also is very important, as Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid, told the Daily Beast.

“The more of your personality you show, the more there is for someone to grab onto and get excited about. ... Describe yourself in as much quirky detail as possible.”

One’s personality can shine through in the various sections that are available on the dating service, such as the About Me section, Six Things You Can’t Live Without and What You Spend The Most Time Thinking About.

But of course, looks are important too. In regards to physical characteristics, Rudder also told the Daily Beast that it does not hurt to be “really, really hot.” This is certainly true, but if someone writes on their profile that they are 6 feet tall and make $80,000 a year and sound too good to be true, they just may be.

Quartz reports that on OkCupid, people tend to add two inches to their height and 20 percent to their annual income. So remember: Embellishing the truth is a major online no-no.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out to other singles on the site. After all, everyone is on OkCupid with a similar goal in mind: to meet someone in person. Make it more of a possibility by messaging people that you have an interest in and not simply waiting for that certain someone to contact you.

"[It's]one of the fastest-growing sites, which is an advantage, but make sure you're not being lost in someone's search results by being proactive on your own as well," Laurie Davis of online dating consultancy EFlirt Expert told the Huffington Post.

And once you develop a connection with a member on the site, if you end up meeting for a date, OkCupid founder Sam Yagan has three important questions he says should be asked, according to Bloomberg TV: 1) Do you like horror movies? 2) Have you ever traveled alone in a foreign country? 3) Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all and live on a sailboat?

People who give the same answers have a greater chance of becoming a long-term couple, according to Yagan.

So remember these online dating tips, and enjoy the possibilities of finding that special someone!