Ben & Jerry’s is giving away ice cream as part of Free Cone Day. Participating stores worldwide are giving away a free scoop of ice cream. The Vermont-based company has been giving away ice cream annually since 1979.

Ben & Jerry’s will be giving out scoops of its signature flavors, from Cherry Garcia to Cookie Dough to Chunky Monkey, on Tuesday, April 9, at stores across America. Free Cone Day is a way of saying thanks to its customers around the globe. In the press release, Ben & Jerry’s said, “Is there a better way to say thank you than free ice cream? Not if you’re Ben & Jerry’s! On Tuesday, April 9, Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will host the 34th annual Free Cone Day. Since its first anniversary in 1979, Ben & Jerry’s has thrown open the scoop shop doors and invited fans of all ages in for a free cup or cone.”

The company is also promoting its environmental efforts, noting that many of the ingredients it uses are Fairtrade Certified. In addition to the fan favorites, Ben & Jerry’s points out that there are several new flavors to choose from as well. Fans can try the Liz Lemon, named after Tina Fey’s character in “30 Rock,” which is lemon Greek frozen yogurt with blueberry lavender swirl, or the Candy Bar Pie, which mixes peanut butter ice cream with fudge flakes, chocolate nougat and sweet and salty pretzels.

Dave Stever, chief marketing officer of Ben & Jerry’s, said, “It’s free, it’s fair, it’s everywhere, AND it is one of the most exciting days at Ben & Jerry’s.” Stever continues, “We’re always striving to show our fans that we love them more than they love us, and Free Cone Day gets the job done.”

Ben & Jerry’s has a handy store locator that will let any fan find a location that is participating in the Free Cone Day event. Customers can type in their zip code or address and the locator will find the nearest locations as well as the hours of operation. For example, there are 22 locations participating in the Free Cone Day giveaway in the tristate area.