Bernie Madoff revealed some of his thoughts in an exclusive, no-camera interview with Barbara Walters.

In a two-hour prison interview with Walters on Oct. 14, Madoff spoke about his life in prison, his remorse, and the sadness he feels over not being in contact with his family.

Walters spoke about the interview on Good Morning America on Thursday and ABC News reported on it.

Madoff told Walters that the worst part about being in prison was not seeing his estranged family and that he is sorry to have caused his grandchildren pain.

I feel safer here than outside, Madoff told Walters. 

Madoff also told Walters he reads a lot and no longer lives in fear, like he said he did for 20 years before being arrested. He did admit, however, to having horrible dreams.

Madoff is not the only person in his family who's talking right now.

A CBS 60 Minutes interview with Madoff's wife, Ruth, will air on Sunday.

Stephanie Madoff Mack, who was married to Madoff's older son, Mark, recently released a book about her marriage and how she and her husband dealt with the scandal before he killed himself in December 2010. Mack has said she blames the convicted Ponzi schemer for her husband's death.

A book titled Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family  by author Laurie Sandell is coming out on Oct. 31. Catherine Hooper, the fiancée of Andrew Madoff, was reportedly involved.