If Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump ever debate each other, viewers will have Jimmy Kimmel to thank. 

One day after Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, visited ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and said he would be willing to debate Sanders before the California primary, Sanders paid a visit Thursday to the same late-night show. Kimmel and Sanders discussed that possible debate, as well as the (at this point) less likely debate Sanders wants with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. 

“You saw the show last night? You saw what I did for you?” Kimmel asked Sanders. 

“You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently,” Sanders told Kimmel, who posed the idea of the debate to Trump Wednesday while reading a question for the GOP nominee from Sanders himself. 

“Oh, boy, do you guys look at [the world] differently,” Kimmel joked.

The comedian also asked Sanders about Clinton, who has said she will not debate the Vermont senator before the June 7 California primary, Sanders' last, if very slim, chance at catching up in the Democratic primary race. 

“I think it is kind of insulting to the people in the largest state in the country in the United States of America not to come out and talk about the serious issues that affect the state and the country,” Sanders told Kimmel. 

Trump told Kimmel Wednesday he would be willing to debate Sanders if either Sanders or a network paid him a large sum of money to distribute to charity. Trump added he thought the Democratic primary process had been “rigged” against Sanders, citing the unfairness of superdelegates. 

“Yes, I am [willing to debate],” Trump said. “How much are you going to pay me?”

As of Thursday, Trump has secured the necessary delegates to lock up the GOP nomination and avoid a contested convention.