The 2014 Grammy Awards are over. But the night's most head-turning moments continue to live on in the flood of memes that hit the internet throughout Sunday night's ceremony.

From Pharrell's massive brown hat to Kendrick Lamar's spirited performance with Imagine Dragons, no celebrity flub or memorable event was off limits. And we've gathered some of the best Grammy memes here:

Be9tJ1MIgAAL3TQ The internet cut Pharrell and his brown hat no slack. Photo: Twitter/Billboard




Be8yCgaCUAACRpc Only you and Pharrell can help prevent forest fires. Photo: Twitter/MTV

Be9AOMrIAAAye6k Kendrick Lamar's blue suit was quite the style hit. But it didn't put him in the clear when it came to comparison's to Max from the 90's TV show "Living Single." Photo: Twitter/_JustPierce Be8hcTGCYAEDlCU The sorting hat from the Harry Potter books and films was another look alike assigned to Pharrell's hat. Photo: Twitter/_JustPierce Beyonce-grammys-2014-wet-hair10 King Bey's wet hair also was a point of confusion for many Grammys viewers. Photo: Twitter







Be808uyCMAAIS3e (1) At least in the photo above, Madonna's redundant gold grill is out of view. Photo: Twitter/jeanettehayes

Be8zeepIEAA3Ugj This likely wasn't the comparison Beyonce was hoping for. Photo: Twitter/ILuvBodaicous Be8-eubIcAAxrv7 Pharrell's hat also found a place with a beloved storybook character. Photo: Twitter/GlynBrownTV

Be9ediDIUAAe4U7 Another thought provoking comparison. Photo: Twitter/bakedtheblog