Best Bungee-Jumping Locations Around the World

on July 22 2011 3:06 PM
  • bungee
    Extreme Bungee Jumping FLICKR
  • sw
    Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland
  • zi
    Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe
  • ch
    Macau Tower, China FLICKR
  • chile
    Volcano Bungee near Pucon, Chile
  • nz
    Ledge Urban Bungee, New Zealand
  • sa
    Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa
  • np
    Ultimate Bungy, Nepal
  • bc
    Whistler Bridge, British Columbia
  • usa
    Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA
  • sa
    Graskop Gorge, South Africa
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The concept itself seems comically dangerous: Why would anyone willfully hurl themselves off a cliff, bridge, ledge or tower, attached only to what is basically a giant rubber band?

Why? For the same reason people sky dive and scale mountains. For the all-consuming adrenaline rush that comes with the risk. But not all rushes are created equal, what's the fun of jumping above a plain old lake if you can plummet next to a waterfall, above the tree tops or in the middle of a gorge?

Press Start for a look at the top bungee jumping locations that are sure to get your heart pumping.


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