Among the thousands of attendees at New York Comic Con’s busy showroom on Saturday afternoon, one costume stood out among the geeks, freaks, and costumed fans of pop culture. That masked man – one-part supervillain, one-part political satire – had perhaps the best costume at the entire 2012 comic convention.

We never learned the identity of the man trapped inside the seven-foot-tall beast with the oversized arms, a satire of the comic supervillain Bane from the Batman comic books series. But unlike Bain, who uses the “Venom” drug to give him temporary superhuman strength, the costumed villain "Bain Capital" is powered by companies, with a meter that shifts back and forth from “outsourcing” to “downsizing.” Obviously, the costumed character was meant to poke fun at Bain Capital, the controversial asset management company co-founded by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Despite his scary eyes and enormous fists, however, Bain Capital was a fan favorite at NYCC 2012. Groups of photographers flocked to the hulking puppet as he slowly strolled the giant showroom floor, and several costumed attendees at a time would run up to pose with the “job destroyer” himself, which easily measured over seven feet tall.

This same costumed-man attended an Occupy Wall Street protest in Liberty Square last month.

Check out the photos below to see Bain Capital stomping around New York Comic Con 2012.