Let’s face it: You work hard all week and you don’t need another excuse to drink on Fridays, but just in case you were looking for one, today’s your lucky day. It’s Friday the 13th, the first of two this year, and that’s reason enough to celebrate. In fact, the infamous day of misfortune is richer with history than one might think, as IBTimes writer Treye Green reported on Friday. It’s also a day that -- for better or for worse -- will probably be forever tied to the enduring slasher-film franchise of the same name.

Starting in 1980 with the original “Friday the 13th,” the universe of Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake has spawned 10 original films, a short-lived TV series, a mash-up with Freddy Krueger and a lackluster 2009 reboot.

That’s where Friday the 13th drinking games come in. With so much source material to draw from, it’s no wonder a drinking games sub-franchise has sprouted up around this horror mainstay. Below are some of the best -- and bloodiest -- on the Internet. So drink up, but please drink responsibly. And for the love of God, don’t go into the woods.

Drinking Games From Camp Blood    

Camp Blood touts itself as the “Home of Jason Voorhees,” kind of a one-stop shop for drinking games related to every film in the franchise. It’s also a work in progress -- there’s a contact form where users can submit their own rules -- but the list is complete enough to satisfy whether you’re watching one of the films or having a full-on Jason marathon. There’s even a general game that can be played during any of the films. (Hint: you drink every time someone dies.) Full game.

Film School Rejects

Kevin Carr at the movie blog Film School Rejects posted this hilarious game in 2009 in honor of Marcus Nispel’s reboot. The movie itself was a critical flop, but the game endures, and it’s general enough that it could be played with the original as well. Drink when you see drugs, nudity or blood? Some slasher precepts never go out of style. Full game.

‘Hey, Look Behind You’

The blogger behind “Hey, Look Behind You” (a blog whose name should be self-explanatory) has come up with a general “Friday” franchise drinking game that includes such rules as drinking every time you hear the “ch-ch-ch” music and, of course, drinking every time Crazy Ralph says something crazy. This is an oft-aggregated game that has been reposted on numerous blogs, which is as good an endorsement as any. Full game.

Friday The 13th Party Ideas On Pinterest

Finally, in the interest of stressing that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, Pinterest user Kristie Evans has curated a visual collection of some pretty creative ideas for a Friday the 13th-themed party, including bone-shaped pretzel snacks, creepy ice cubes made from surgical gloves and, of course, hockey mask cookies. Our favorite? The Friday the 13th greeting card with a drawing of Jason holding a party balloon. See the full page here.

And for more fun trivia about this unluckiest of days, check out this listicle from IBTimes reporter Maria Vultaggio.