Facebook stirred the minds of hundreds in attendance and even more viewers watching online, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg made announcement after announcement at Thursday's f8 Developer Conference in San Francisco.

During his keynote, Zuckerberg brought in SNL star Andy Samberg, played tunes from Nirvana and Jay-Z and even brought out Spotify CEO Daniel Ek during the social-networking company's annual conference.

Within weeks, Facebook will replace the current profile page layouts with Timeline, a heavily visual feature Zuckerberg describes as the story of your life. A new category of apps, known as Open Graph, will also be introduced.

It's probably too early to tell whether or not the new changes will be welcomed with opened arms by Facebook's 800 million users, or if these users will give rival Google+ another try.

Media jornalist and blogger Jeff Jarvis probably summed up the f8 festivities best.

FB just increased the switching cost of leaving FB: You lose your life, he wrote on Twitter.

Here are some of the best moments of Facebook's f8 conference, in no particular order:

Mark Zuckerberg used the words frictionless experience and real-time serendipity multiple times to hype up Ticker, one of Facebook's new features.

Andy Samberg: the SNL star posed as Zuckerberg, down to the hoodie, sandals and curly hair, before the real CEO showed up on stage.

The Slow-Poke: It's the only poke that takes 24 hours to reach the person you sent it to, so you have a full day to sober up, realize you're an idiot and retract the poke, explained Samberg as Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg told conference goers that he can't wait until his little puppy, Beast, grows up to his full adult size of a Puli, a breed of Hungarian Sheepdog. (For the record, Beast has his own Facebook page).

During the Spotify/Facebook demonstration, Zuckerberg took quite the time to decide which song he wanted to share with a friend he was chatting with online. (He eventually settled on a Jay-Z song, before selecting a Nirvana track).

Zuckerberg introduced new Facebook-themed verbs, including read, hiked, watched, and a handful of others, all expected to join the lonely but popular liked.

Timeline, in a nutshell, in video form.

I'm Mark Zuckerberg, rock hard abs, Samberg says at one point, standing in front of a Photo shopped image of the Facebook CEO.