Apple's new iPad 3 went on sale March 16 for starting at $500, but it's really not the only tablet out there. If you're looking for some alternatives to the world-beating iPad, we've got the 10 best options in a range of categories to help you make the best choice. We've heard reports of the new iPad getting too hot, burning through data plans at record speed and taking forever to charge its battery. Whether or not you consider those barriers to buying one or if you are just checking out the competition, we've got you covered.

Because this whole tablet computer industry is so new, most people don't even know what to do with them besides browse the Web and play games. That's totally fine, but some people do know they want certain features, and that's what makes finding the right tablets so hard. So many tablets are out there, it's not easy to find just the right one. For our list, we've got budget options, student options, traveling options and even a potential iPad killer or two. That's really for others to decide, but if you're shopping for a tablet or just looking around, start the slideshow to see the best iPad alternatives. Let us know in the comments if you have an iPad or what you recommend and why.

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