Swing state residents have seen their fair share of political attack ads repeatedly flickering across television screens. Since the race for the White House commenced, dozens upon dozens of ads have been released by the hearty roster of candidates which until a few months ago was narrowed down to Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

For the 2016 election, Clinton’s ad time has far surpassed Trump’s. In July, the LA Times reported that Clinton and her supporters outdid pro-Trump efforts “by a 15-to-1 margin in television and radio ad spending” in the lead-up to Election Day.

The most recent buzz-worthy ad came from Clinton. The ad, titled “Daisy,” first aired Monday and featured a clip from one of the most historic political television ads. The ad, which featured former President Lyndon B. Johnson, was also titled “Daisy” and first aired in 1964. That decades-old ad issued a dire warning against the possibility of nuclear war. Clinton's iteration of it aired in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada and featured Monique Corzilius Luiz, the same “Daisy Girl” who first appeared in the Johnson spot.

“This was me in 1964,” Luiz says in the video, referring to the silent clip of her as a child plucking petals from a daisy. “The fear of nuclear war that we had as children, I never thought that our children would have to deal with that again.”

The ad was an obvious reference to Trump's many public comments about not ruling out the possibility of a nuclear war if he were to become president.

When the war of words was not being waged on the debate stage, they returned to the small screen, highlighted by an ad from Trump called “Make America Great Again” — helping to solidify his defining campaign slogan — and Clinton’s “Mirrors” ad, which fired back at Trump’s more than 10 years old lewd remarks about women.

From the hopeful and the heartfelt to the angry and the awkward, here are 10 of the presidential candidates’ most memorable campaign ads

1. "Daisy": Paid by Hillary for America, aired Oct. 31, 2016

2. "Role Models": Paid by Hillary for America, aired July 7, 2016

3. "Deplorables": Paid by Donald J. Trump for President, aired Sept. 12, 2016 

4. "Measure": Paid by Hillary for America, aired Oct. 6, 2016

5. "Make America Great Again": Paid by Donald J. Trump for President, aired Jan. 4, 2016

6. "Movement": Paid by Donald J. Trump for President, aired Sept. 20, 2016

7. "Dangerous": Paid by for Donald J. Trump for President, aired Oct. 11, 2016

8. "Captain Khan": Paid by Hillary for America, aired Oct. 21, 2016

9. "Mirrors": Paid by Hillary for America, aired Sept. 23, 2016

10. Bonus: While he's not running for president, this political ad for Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty was definitely deemed most popular when the ad debuted in early October.