Summer may have most of gaming’s big announcements, but autumn is always the season for the year’s biggest, most hyped releases. Some huge games like Forza 6 already have already been shipped this year, but here are seven more that will hit before the year is over.

Rock Band 4 & Guitar Hero Live (10/6, 10/20)

Guitar Hero Live After a five year hiatus, the Guitar Hero franchise returns with "Guitar Hero Live." The traditional interface and experience are ditched in favor of something more immersive, but it's unclear if the rhythm game genre will make a mainstream comeback. Photo: Activision

It’s been nearly ten years since these rhythm game titans started fighting it out. Activision and Harmonix went back and forth, releasing game after game for a few years while the market was hot -- but neither series has had an entry since 2010. Now both games are back: Rock Band 4 will stick to its roots, while Guitar Hero Live abandons the old formulas. Maybe these old names will re-ignite the market.

Need For Speed (11/3)

Need For Speed 2015 "Need For Speed," the simply titled entry in the eponymous franchise, should bring the series back to its well-loved "Underground" roots, mixed with some other successful entries' elements. Photo: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is rebooting the Need For Speed franchise with a new game simply titled “Need For Speed.” The series has always been one of the world’s biggest racing franchises, but uneven sales and critical response to recent titles pushed the company to re-examine what made the series successful in the first place. So they’ve listened to fan feedback and promise this new game will be more in line with what gamers want.

Hitman (12/8)

HITMAN - E3 2015 Trailer _ PS4 Agent 47 returns in 2015's "Hitman," the first series entry on current-generation gaming consoles. It will be the first console release since 2012's "Hitman: Absolution," as the developers have been busy with iOS and Android games in the interim. Photo: Square Enix

Publisher Square Enix released Hitman: Absolution in 2012 to critical acclaim, but ever since the development teams have been busy with smaller mobile games. The new Hitman (no subtitle this time) revamps many of the features and killing/espionage tactics that Agent 47 is known for, all with improvements afforded by the new generation of console hardware. Hitman’s maps will be bigger, the enemy AI will be smarter, and there will be more ways to eliminate your targets.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (10/23)

Assassin's Creed Syndicate screen Assassin's Creed Syndicate will attempt to mend some of the bridges burned by 2014's bug-ridden Assassin's Creed Unity. Photo: Ubisoft

Ubisoft have had a rough go of it lately, releasing a slew of buggy and ill-received games. Last year’s Assassin’s Creed Unity was the posterchild for broken games, and became a punchline for a while. However, this year’s release, Syndicate, is promised to be a much smoother experience -- mostly because there won’t be any multiplayer features this time around. Yep -- Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is single-player only. For now.  

Halo 5 (10/27) 

Halo 5 First Person Halo 5 continues the saga of Master Chief, as the middle point of Halo's second trilogy. Photo: Microsoft

To be fair, Microsoft did release the Master Chief Collection last year, which had a multiplayer beta for Halo 5. But Halo 5 will be released in October on its own, complete with the next chapter in the story of Master Chief and the UNSC. What it won’t have is local multiplayer or campaign co-op; If you want to team up with or play against anyone, they’ll have to have their own systems and games. Still, despite fans’ negative response to the news, Halo 5 is probably the biggest release of 2016.

Fallout 4 (11/10)

Fallout 4 Radiation Suit "Fallout 4" has been a long time coming -- the last numbered Fallout game was 2008's "Fallout 3." Developer-publisher Bethesda set the Internet on fire in June, with its video announcement of "Fallout 4." It remains the most popular gaming video on YouTube from 2015. Photo: Bethesda

Fallout 4 may trump even Halo 5, however. This Fallout, despite its name, is actually the fifth entry in the franchise, assuming you count 2011’s New Vegas. When Bethesda officially announced the game two weeks before E3, fans went nuts -- the announcement trailer quickly hit thirteen million views before the gaming convention began. The series is well-known and well-loved for its community, who openly create and support mods. It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten a Fallout game, so anticipation for Fallout 4 is through the roof -- it may prove to be the biggest game this year.