Aside from its more well-known cuisines, China is also home to a colorful street-food culture. Street food is usually served in night markets, always cheap and tasty. Recently, a chart showing a ranking of the best street snack cities of China began circulating online. The chart considers major Chinese cities known for their snack foods based on variety, uniqueness, popularity within China and in foreign countries, innovation, service environment, and a few other criteria.

1. Taipei, Taiwan


2. Chengdu, Sichuan


3. XiAn, Shaanxi


4. Chongqing


5. Hong Kong


6. Guangzhou, Guangdong


7. Wuhan, Hubei


8. Changsha, Hunan


9. Beijing


10. Shanghai


11. Tianjin


12. Xiamen, Fujian


13. Nanjing, Jiangsu


14. Harbin, Heilongjiang


15. Kaifeng, Henan