Challenge accepted. Neil Patrick Harris will return to television Tuesday night with NBC's brand-new show "Best Time Ever." "Best Time Ever," is a live one-hour show that will feature guest stars, musical perfomances, comedy skits, stunts, audiences giveaways and pranks. 

It has been over a year and a half since Harris was regularly on TV. His last show, the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," came to an end in April 2014 after nine seasons. He was also seen hosting the Academy Awards last year and had a small part on last season's "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

Many of the promos for "Best Time Ever," say anything and everything can happen on the show, but what exactly does that mean? Here are four things to know about "Best Time Ever" before it premieres:

1. Season 1 Will Consist Of Eight Episodes: In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harris said there will be eight episodes for the first season of the show. "I didn’t want to commit to a show that kept me working all year long. I think I would burn out fast. I think this will be fun. We’ll do eight. The circus will come to town. The tent will go away. We’ll see what worked and what didn’t. We’ll work toward Season 2, if we’re lucky," Harris dished. The episodes will air from Sept. 15 through Nov. 3 on Tuesday nights. 

2. Celebrities Will Be Involved And Pranked: According to People, Harris will be using hidden-camera pranks to play jokes on several A-List celebrities. A few of the unsuspecting celebrity victims will be "The Voice" judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" actress Jane Krakowski and Harris' former "How I Met Your Mother" co-star Cobie Smulders, who will reportedly be directed to do "some pretty unfortable stuff," by husband Taran Killam. There will also be a celebrity guest announcer each week. 

3. "Best Time Ever" Isn't Any Old Variety Show: According to the "Best Time Ever" website, the show is based on the popular British program "Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway." However, Harris and NBC aren't referring to the show as a variety show. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harris said the show will be variety redefined where people will be able to enjoy the show from home or live in person. "We want the audience, wherever they are, to feel like they’re actively involved in it, and since we’re live, we’re able to do that. We’re not pretaping it and then pretending like the audience is super caffeinated; we're not getting people to make them jump up and down and scream. Like, this is live. So you’re watching it when they’re watching it, and if it’s not working, I’ll do my best to fix it," Harris dished.

4. The "End-Of-The-Show Show" Skit: Each week, "Best Time Ever," will end with a segment called the "End-Of-The-Show Show" which will be a performance piece that will consist of Harris learning how to do something random. According to Entertainment Weekly, one of these segments will feature Harris drumming along with the Blue Man Group, covered in blue paint, along with a small dopplegänger called “Little NPH.” "For the End-of-the-Show Show, which is the last thing we have in every show, we just don’t want people to change the channel by the time we get there," Harris said.

Anything can happen when "Best Time Ever" premieres on NBC Tuesday Sept. 15 at 10 p.m. EDT.