Beyoncé is showing off Blue Ivy’s Halloween costume this year, and it's absolutely adorable. When the 31-year-old was pregnant with her first child, she dressed up as a bumblebee, and now, Blue Ivy is donning the same disguise.

In a cute black-and-white picture that Beyoncé posted on Instagram, the singer showed her daughter off, wearing what appears to be a striped onesie and a bumblebee headband. The diva dressed up as an angel this year, complete with a set of wings.

But according to Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles, Blue Ivy may be wearing a different costume by Halloween night. “Beyonce has about five outfits picked out for her [Blue] and she has yet to make a decision,” she told E! Online this week. But whatever they end up choosing, the whole family has decided to take part in the festive holiday. “They are very excited all to dress up this year,” Knowles admitted.

Blue Ivy is certainly growing quite fast, and the young girl is looking like the perfect combination of both Beyoncé and Jay Z these days.

Meanwhile, it seems Blue Ivy may have a playmate in the future. During a radio interview on New York station Hot 97 in July, Jay Z revealed that he definitely wants more children. “Absolutely, God willing,” he said, before jokingly adding that he would prefer “a little basketball team” worth of children.

“Then you could be their agent and their dad at the same time,” interviewer Angie Martinez joked back, making reference to the fact Jay Z recently founded sports agency Roc Nation Sports and has already signed star athletes such as the NBA’s Kevin Durant. “The world would be a better place,” the rapper replied with a laugh.