Beyoncé has released the first commercial for her new collaboration with Pepsi, and the one-minute video titled "Mirrors" shows off the star’s transformation over the years.

The 31-year-old superstar is shown practicing in a studio before taking a break to drink from a can of Pepsi.

She and Pepsi became “global partners” earlier this year, and the New York Times reports that the new partnership is estimated to be a $50 million deal.

In the commercial, Beyoncé then looks in the mirror, and from her “Crazy In Love” days back in 2003 to “Check Up On It” to Bootylicious,” and “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé sees various stages of herself. She even shows off some of her most signature dance moves during the Pepsi commercial and sings an unreleased upbeat song.

Finally, at the end of the commercial, the earlier versions of Beyoncé go away, and the singer continues drinking her Pepsi while smiling and saying, “Embrace your past but live for now.”

On Wednesday Beyoncé had fans on the edge of their seats after releasing a six-second video on Wednesday, announcing that there is going to be an announcement on 4.4.13 at 9 a.m. EST.

In the short clip, Beyoncé rocked a sheer black top, shorts, super blond hair, and her glove from the “Single Ladies” video as music plays in the background.

 “4” has always been a significant number for Beyoncé, as she was born on Sept.  4, and her husband, Jay-Z, was born Dec. 4. The couple got married on April 4, 2008. Their daughter, Blue Ivy, was given the name “Ivy” not only because Beyoncé came across a Blue Ivy plant during her pregnancy, but also because “IV” is the Roman numeral for the number “4.” And finally, Beyoncé’s last album was titled, “4.”