Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on April 4 in Havana -- but not without the legality of their Cuban getaway being questioned by some members of the U.S. Congress, multiple media outlets reported.

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter might be known as the King and Queen in the hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues communities, but that doesn't mean they can play tourist in a land to the U.S. government has prohibited travel.

The duo has been attracting huge crowds basically everywhere they go, especially outside their hotel, the Inquisitr noted, pointing out local police have had to step in several times when it appeared the crowds were about to get out of hand.

Stateside, a couple of Cuban-American members of Congress have formally questioned the legality of their trip.

Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, both R-Fla., on Friday sent a formal letter about it to Adam J. Szubin, the director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Their letter begins: “We write to express concern and to request information regarding the highly publicized trip by U.S. musicians Beyonce Knowles-Carter (Beyonce) and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) to Cuba. We would like to respectfully request, within all applicable rules and guidelines, information regarding the type of license that Beyonce and Jay-Z received, for what purpose, and who approved such travel.”

They also wrote, “Cuba’s tourism industry is wholly state-controlled; therefore, U.S. dollars spent on Cuban tourism directly fund the machinery of oppression that brutally represses the Cuban people.”

Szubin apparently has not yet responded about whether the trip breaks any U.S. law.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay-Z seem unconcerned about whether they are breaking any American law by visiting the tropical country, enjoying some of the many delights Cuba has to offer.

Beyonce has been photographed sporting a braided updo, and Jay-Z has been pictured smoking a cigar. (Cuban, no doubt.)