“Drunk in Love” singer Beyoncé likes to dismantle rumors with hints and subtleties. She will rarely address gossip head-on. This seemed to be the case Thursday when she posted a cryptic picture of herself to Instagram.

After PDA pictures leaked from her Italian vacation with her husband, “99 Problems” rapper Jay Z, and her daughter, Blue Ivy, some people speculated that Beyoncé is pregnant with baby No. 2. Her normally taut tummy looked like it might have transformed into the popular "fashion" craze -- a burgeoning baby bump.

If the “Single Ladies” star is expecting a child, she probably doesn’t want anyone to know. She posted a picture of herself with a flute glass that looked like it was filled with champagne or white wine. She didn’t caption the image, but the Destiny’s Child alum covered her stomach with a blanket and smiled brightly.

Beyoncé Was this Beyoncé's way of slamming pregnancy rumors? Photo: Instagram/Beyoncé

The picture received more than 700,000 likes from her 45.7 million IG followers. It garnered hundreds of comments as fans tried to figure out if Beyoncé was expecting. “I thought she was pregnant can't be drinking wine,” one fan wrote. Others talked about Beyoncé enjoying her vacation. “Looks like you’re having fun,” a different fan said.

Rumors aren’t anything new for Beyoncé and Jay Z. While some people assume she was pregnant after they saw leaked photos from their vacation, others claimed the pictures were staged in an attempt to hide marital woes, with Jay Z being the one who is over the relationship. "You can see that Jay Z is not happy with Beyoncé, and he is pushing her away,” body language expert Lillian Glass told Radar Online Tuesday.

The expert was convinced the PDA photos were staged, especially the one that showed the entertainers kissing. “This kiss is so fake because when you really kiss someone, your head tilts to the side more, which shows intimacy and passion. These two are making sure to get their entire face in the frame,” Glass said. “Also, look at Jay Z's facial expression. He is clearly very unhappy."

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