Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli may have some explaining to do after altering an image of Beyonce in which she looks almost unrecognizable while promoting an original design he created for her. The 31-year-old’s famous curves are nowhere to be seen in a press release image Cavalli sent out on Tuesday, featuring the singer wearing one of his custom-made designs.

In the image, Beyonce is posing as she did on the 2003 cover for her first solo album, “Dangerously In Love.” Her hair is flowing and her arms are raised above her head, showing off the gorgeous multicolored silk cut-out gown.

Cavalli designed the stunning gown for Beyonce’s world tour, "The Mrs. Carter Show," which heads to the states June 28.

In the illustration, Beyonce has been altered to look skinnier than many a fashion models, with alterations including elongating her legs and torso.

While the press release also included images of Beyonce in the dress during an actual concert looking much more healthy and curvy, many fans weren't pleased that Cavalli altered the original fashion sketch to such an extent.[[nid:1303439]]

“If this is supposed to be a sketch of Beyonce why not actually draw Beyonce instead of some imaginative image which fits the status quo for sickly looking run way models??” one commenter said on Cavalli’s Facebook page.

“Why would you do such a sketch that clearly doesn't reflect her shape?!” another asked. "The sketch excuse does not work: If this is a sketch of something which is going to dress a REAL woman, sketch it real!" an angry fan remarked. 

Beyonce has yet to publicly comment on the image.

This isn't the first time an image of Beyonce has been digitally altered. Just last week, she reportedly met with H&M, who she's collaborating with for a summer campaign and had some photos of herself pulled because the retailer wanted to make her look slimmer in its bikini campaign.

“Our purpose has always been to portray Beyonce as the strong and beautiful woman she is. It has been a good working process and a close cooperation," H&M said later in a statement. "Both parties are happy with the images.”