Although the world at large is still to see photographs of Beyonce's baby girl, it seems some of her fans have managed to do just that!

American pop singer Beyonce Knowles, and her husband Jay-Z, welcomed their first child together on Jan. 7, at New York's Lennox Hospital.

It is little surprise the couple's fans have been eagerly waiting to see the baby's photographs but seeing Blue Ivy Carter on Twitter, so early in her life, was the ultimate surprise.

While searching Google with the phrase baby Carter,  we came across a few profiles called Ivy Knowles and Ivy Blue Carter, along with morphed photographs of a baby who resembled Jay-Z.

Incidentally, there was confusion earlier, over the baby's real name. The matter was cleared up by American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a close family friend, who tweeted: It's Blue Ivy Carter!

The unfortunate truth is that the couple's fans have not spared the little baby... accounts parodying Blue Ivy have already amassed over 9,000 followers.

Ivy Blue, my first baby picture. I look like my daddy, tweeted the user of one of the fake profiles.

Meanwhile, another tweet read: I am baby Jesus.

The account is full of such posts, including some hilarious ones, all tweeted by some anonymous user.

Check out the glimpse of what is reportedly Beyonce's child's profile...


Photo Credit: Screen grab from Twitter. Beyonce's baby Carter's fake Twitter profile.

Yes... this is Blue Ivy's fake profile. It isn't even the only one. There were, as far as could be determined, three fake profiles of Beyonce's two-day old baby, on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Call it baby Carter fever or a madness... fans are so desperate to see the newborn on social networking Web sites, they are making pseudo-profiles of the child and tweeting insane posts from the account.

Out of the three mentioned above, two have been suspended by the authorities. However, the third profile (shown above) has been making the rounds since Jan. 8 and is, to the best of available knowledge, still operating.

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Photo Credit: Screen Grab from Twitter. Beyonce's baby Carter's fake Twitter profile.