Beyonce's 41-year-old rapper husband allegedly has a nine-year-old love child.

News published in Star Magazine reveals the 99 Problems singer allegedly fathered a young boy with Trinidad model Shenelle Scott. The DNA test also reportedly proved Jay-Z is the boy's biological dad.

According to the report of Star, source close to the child said, he has lots in common with Jay and the world-known rapper is now paying child-support to Shenelle Scott. He even helped her set up a home in Trinidad to raise the child.

Beyonce reportedly is aware of the news and was offended at first but now has come to accept it.

After Beyonce's announcement of pregnancy, the spread of the news of Jay-Z's lovechild will certainly dampen the mood of the would-be-mom who was till now basking in pre-baby bliss.

Beyonce shocked millions of her fans when she broke the news of her pregnancy at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Some are even claiming that the singer allegedly used prosthetics to enhance her bump and make the breaking news more dramatic.