Between motherhood and marriage, the R&B singer and established actress has had a lot to handle. After undergoing a reclusive spell with husband Jay Z following the birth of daughter Blue Ivy Carter in Jan., the singer made her first public appearance at Carnegie Hall last week. And Beyoncé isn't wasting any time when it comes to stepping into the spotlight. Here are five things to know about her newest ventures:

1.The former Destiny's Child front woman and new mother is currently working on not one but two albums. Friend and songwriting partner Ryan Tedder of One Republic said that the singer is already planning a chart comeback, according to the Boombox. The conversations about her next album literally just started and there are two projects happening, he said.

2. One of the new albums may act as a soundtrack to Clint Eastwood's upcoming film, A Star is Born. However, nothing has been confirmed and no details have been released, reported SugarScape.

3. To no surprise, Beyoncé's newest works are expected to reflect on parenthood, Tedder also told the Boombox. I would say that goes without saying, he said to the publication. Tedder also sparked recognition for his work on Adele's Grammy-winning record 21 and speaks highly of working with Beyoncé. All I can say is you kind of feed her the best that you have and she's this phenomenal filter and she takes it all in.

4. Parenthood isn't the only change in store for Ms. Sasha Fierce-the singer is also planning on exploring outside the R&B realm on her next studio album. Although she began to take this approach with her last record '4,' Tedder told Boombox that she is always on the cutting edge.

5. And perhaps the most important question: When can we expect new music to be released? Unfortunately, die-hard fans of the Halo singer might have to wait until next year. She's not interested in 2012, [she's interested in] what's [going to sound good] for 2013, Tedder also said to the hip-hop news themed website. But we can expect Beyoncé's fierce attitude to make a comeback. Without question she steers the ship, said Tedder. [With] Beyoncé, you just let her go, she's ridiculous, she's the best.