Beyoncé opted for a Sasha Fierce look for her Super Bowl halftime show performance; the R&B diva wore a black leather leotard-dress and her hair in flowing honey blonde waves.

The singer flipped, tossed and thrashed her hair around rocker-style while performing many of her hit singles -- and hardly a hair fell out of place of her simple, yet glamorous do.

Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Kim Kimble, enlisted “four key items,” to achieve the singer’s look and described the process to Us Weekly.

The products and tools Kimble used on Beyonce’s hair include, Kimble Hair Care Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Serum that sells for $12.99; Natural Bamboo Grooming Brush by Kimble Hair Care that sells for $21.96; a curling iron; and L'Oreal Elnett Holding Spray that sells for $14.99.

"To create Beyoncé’s soft glam look, I began by creating a deep middle part in Beyoncé’s hair," Kimble told Us Weekly. "I then used the curling wand and began to curl her hair in a vertical pattern."

"Once I completed curling her hair into the desired curl pattern, I gently brushed the curls out by using a natural bamboo grooming brush by Kimble Hair Care," she continued. "This created a really nice finger-wave pattern."

To keep the flawless look in place, the stylist used Kimble Hair Care Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Serum.

"This refined the curl pattern ensuring a seamless finish," she said. "Lastly, I used Elnett Holding Spray by L'Oreal to set the look and the result will be glam, soft, bold and Beyoncé."

Beyonce’s colorist, Rita Hazan, said the inspiration for the singer’s striking hair color was working with her natural undertones.

“We made her highlights more stripey and lighter, a light golden blond, but still natural-looking to complement her hairstyle,” Hazan told InStyle magazine.