After an extra-long, and extra-strange, season of CBS’ “Big Brother,” the winner of Season 17 was finally crowned during the super-sized 90-minute finale. When the dust cleared on the house, 22-year-old super fan Steve Moses took home the grand prize.

The finale came down to just Moses and two other house guests, Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan. Although Rousso won the first challenge of the final contest, as Entertainment Weekly notes, in order to do so she had to make an inadvertent bargain to bring Nolan into the final two no matter the outcome of the next two rounds. Moses won those rounds and, in the end, it came down to him and Nolan for the live finale, bumping out the highly controversial Rousso. After pleading their respective cases to the jurors, six out of nine voted to give Moses the title of winner and the $500,000 grand prize.

The emotional moment when Moses’ name was announced as the winner marked a big moment for the 22-year-old college student. Prior to entering the Season 17 “Big Brother” household, Moses was a self-proclaimed super-fan of the series, often exhibiting an encyclopedic knowledge of many of the contestants from previous seasons. He’s even been strategizing for years about what he’d do to win the game if he ever were to be on the show, according to his entrance interview to the “Big Brother” house.

Big Brother "Big Brother" Season 17 constant Steve Moses, pictured here in his official cast portrait, took home the grand prize in the Sept. 23 finale. Photo: CBS

For those unfamiliar with Moses outside the confines of the CBS reality competition, he’s had a pretty successful life in academia in life so far. According to his official cast bio, Moses was a goodie-goodie in high school, which earned him enough letters of recommendation to get him into the Ivy League university of Cornell to study Mechanical Engineering, (his good grades likely had something to do with it as well). He was so advanced in his studies that he even taught a Cornell Engineering class despite only being 18. However, he switched schools and majors after two years to go and chase his passion – music, which he still studies today.

Despite his successful career as a student, his social life is not necessarily at the same level. At 22, he’s a virgin who doesn’t drink or smoke. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the loudest and most fun members of his fraternity. As Variety notes, he still had some apprehension going into the house that he wouldn’t be able to get along with some of his older, possibly less educated competition. Luckily, he seems to have done alright socially and strategically if he came out on top in Season 17.

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