Things aren’t going too well for “Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham, who is competing on the U.K. edition of “Celebrity Big Brother." The reality star has become infamous for her aggressive outbursts, though none have been more explosive than her most recent run-in with Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton.

According to Us Weekly, Abraham, 24, and Hamilton, 33, began arguing over a discussion about their family members on the show. The disagreement escalated from a heated debate to a screaming match. Producers stepped in before things got physical. Abraham was taken into the confessional room, where she shared with the cameras an expletive-filled rant in which she threatened the lives of everyone in the house.

“Oh, because I was going to f------ obliterate the f------ scum you have in this f------ house,” she shouted through tears. “Yeah, and I’m just going to say this: If my f------ flip-flops are not f------ fixed because of your god---- mouth over the f------ intercom, I am going to straight up f------ kill this whole f------ house!”

Watch Abraham's rant below. (Warning: the video contains NSFW language.)

Fortunately, not all of her time in the “Big Brother” house has been bad. As was reported by Daily Mail, the mother of one has formed a clique with some on the show. She, Jenna Jameson and Paul Burrell have banded together and spend a large portion of their time gossiping. The publication reports Abraham and her new pals recently were filmed discussing a romance brewing in the house between the adult toy creator and British competitor James Hill. Abraham was quick to shut down the rumors, however, saying his body wasn’t enough for her and she thought he was “a pig.”