Bill Dorfman, 'Extreme Makeover' Dentist, Saves Celebs' Teeth For EBay: Whose Famous Teeth Does He Want to Sell? [PHOTOS]

on April 05 2012 12:58 PM

Dr. Bill Dorfman DDS, world-renowned dentist and one of the Extreme Team on the hit televisual program Extreme Makeover, has a secret cache of the celebrity patients' teeth he's pulled. He hopes to sell the chompers on eBay.

I actually save famous people's teeth when I pull them, Dorfman told TMZ, but I can't tell you [whose teeth I have in a jar somewhere] 'cause it's like patient confidentiality. There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on EBay.

Here's the video where he explains the totally normal practice (that, TMZ reports, another dentist called just sick). width=0

So which celebrities' chewers does Dorfman have packed away for a rainy day? Here are some of the celebrities Dorfman's possibly planning to profit on, according to his website, and the estimated (arbitrary) value of their molars on eBay.

width=235 Anne Hathaway: $7.3k for the whole set (they are apparently larger than life).

width=225 Ozzy Osbourne: $834 for the incisor that dealt the bat its death blow.

width=279 Jessica Simpson: $34 because she apparently doesn't brush them.

width=286 Eva Longoria:$1,787 because she's got to recoup the cost of her braces.

width=138 Usher: $14 because they don't look like this anymore.

Would you buy your favorite celebs teeth? What would you pay for them? Is this ridiculous? What would you do with them?