Dale W. Eisinger

What Is Viralism? An Inquiry Into Culture's Battle For Digital Space

As the digital age reaches the dormant stage of social adaptation, having left its mark on the daily process of culture at large, can we add viralism or another digitally referential marker to our collective art discourse? Moreover, is viral a relevant -- let alone acceptable -- aesthetic stance?

Plastic-Eating Fungus May Chow Down On World's Waste Problems

An expedition to the Amazon by a group of Yale researchers has led to the discovery of a fungus that can utilize and break down polyurethane, one of the most common, and pollutant, industrial plastics in use by man. They hope the plastic-eating fungus can also eat away at the world's waste problems.

Asma Al-Assad: Syrian First Lady Faces EU Sanctions, Writes 'I Am The REAL Dictator'

Asma al-Assad, the 38-year-old wife of Syrian regime leader Bashir al-Assad and a former investment banker, will likely join 114 other Syrians on a list of sanctioned individuals by the European Union, freezing her assets to preventing shopping, travel and other commerce in foreign countries; meanwhile, reports emerge of Assad's emails to friends where she boasts of the power of the Syrian regime, and that she is the real dictator.

Omar Sharif Jr., Gay And Half-Jewish, Fears Returning To Egypt

Omar Sharif Jr. says he fears returning to Egypt after coming out as gay and half-Jewish. The Grandson of two-time Gold Globe-winning actor Omar Sharif says he hesitantly confessed to his race and sexual orientation, in a piece published by The Advocate this weekend.