The Creation Museum has invited Bill Nye the Science Guy to debate Museum founder Ken Ham after Nye said teaching children creationism was bad for them. The debate is titled “Is Creationism A Viable Model Of Origins?” and will be held at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., on Feb. 4.

The debate is a year in the making, and was spurred after Big Think posted a YouTube video of Nye arguing against teaching creationism to children. The video has been viewed more than 6 million times. The Creation Museum quickly responded with videos of their own challenging Nye’s claims.

Ham has denied requests to enter into debate with “mocking, strident evolutionists” in the past but is interested in having a debate with Nye because of his social visibility and figure. Ham says, "I hope to show Mr. Nye and our debate audience that observational science confirms the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of origins, not evolution.”

The Creation Museum was opened in 2007 and supports the Christian Young Earth creationist explanation of the origins of the universe and mankind. Exhibits in the museum include depictions of man and dinosaurs living side by side, and claims that the Earth was created around 6,000 years ago.

While the Creation Museum has solidified itself as a leading entity for Young Earth creationists, it has attracted criticism from scientists and educators for basing their arguments on “falsehoods.” Religious figures have also criticized it for distorting traditional Christian beliefs.

Many supporters on both sides either cannot wait for the debate or are calling for their respective sides to pull out. While the Internet is in the process of exploding with heated debate between the two camps, all indications show both Nye and Ham are interested in a mutually respectful debate.

No word if the debate will be recorded or streamed live. Tickets for the debate are $25.