Penn State is ready to hire New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien to replace Joe Paterno, no doubt putting the coach under the tremendous pressure of filling the shoes of a legend who left in such a controversial fashion.

The Nittany Lions plan on making the big announcement Saturday, but sources told ESPN that O'Brien has already accepted the offer. The coach's agent, Joe Linta, told The Associated Press O'Brien interviewed with Penn State on Thursday.

The details of the deal are still unknown, but a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter that O'Brien will continue to serve as the Patriots' offensive coordinator for the rest of the season before he takes the spot that was vacated by Joe Paterno in the child sex scandal.

Paterno was fired two months ago under fire for not doing enough to stop assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky from allegedly sexually assaulting young boys. He coached 46 seasons and accrued 409 victories before he was ousted on Nov. 9.

One Patriots player who won't be thrilled to see his coach go is quarterback Tom Brady. When rumors about Penn State's hire first surfaced on Sunday, Brady said he hoped O'Brien, who coached him since 2009, was here to stay.

I don't know what's going to happen, Brady told WEEI radio. I hope he's here for a long time. I told him that, too

He's been a great coach and friend. We have a great relationship; probably a very unique relationship in that we communicate all the time, Brady said. I always enjoy working with him and he's done an incredible job with this team and this offense.