Quarterback Josh Johnson has signed with the Buffalo Bills to add depth to team with starting QB Tyrod Taylor playing through an ankle injury in their recent game.

"I can tell you this: He is beat up right now. He's sore. You ought to see him -- he is sore. We knew he would be. Guys, he hasn't been 100 percent all season," Bills head coach Rex Ryan said to The Buffalo News about Taylor’s status.

"We all know he finished the game, but we'll see how he's doing. We'll be looking at him throughout the week and everybody else that we have. He’s sore now, I can tell you that much."

Despite the ankle issues, the 24-year-old Taylor has played well through five games in the regular season for the Bills, which opened the season with three wins against two losses. For the season, the five-year QB has logged 1,097 passing yards on 96 of 137 passes with 9 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

The 29-year-old Johnson has had stints with multiple NFL teams since 2008 including playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2008 to 2011), Cleveland Browns (2012), Cincinnati Bengals (2013), San Francisco 49ers (2014) and Indianapolis Colts (2015).

The Bills have alternated wins and losses to start the season with victories over the Indianapolis Colts (27-14), Miami Dolphins (41-14) and Tennessee Titans (14-13). Buffalo lost to the New England Patriots (40-32) and New York Giants (24-10).

The Bills are still evaluating Taylor’s status for the next game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6.