Continuing his bit of being kind of an inappropriate father, Billy Ray Cyrus is the latest to tease the Internet with rumors about his daughter, pop star Miley Cyrus, being pregnant. The 53-year-old country crooner recently announced on Twitter he was going to be a grandfather -- to a pizza baby.

It all began in January when Life & Style Weekly ran a cover story about Miley Cyrus alleging the 22-year-old singer was “pregnant and dumped.” For those who don’t know, Cyrus has been dating the son of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick. The article claimed she was pregnant and that he was considering leaving her because she was “notoriously lax about birth control,” according to E Online.

It’s unclear at this time whether the pregnancy rumors are true, but the “Wrecking Ball” singer showed up at the Grammy Awards show about a month ago looking neither very pregnant nor very dumped. To poke fun at her own scandal, the singer posted a Photoshopped image to her Instagram account that showed her getting an ultrasound from her best friend Cheyne Thomas -- and, on the screen, a pizza baby.

The levity of the photoshopped image put to rest most of the rumors that Cyrus is carrying her first baby. However, things were stirred up again when her father took to Twitter to pull a little prank.

It’s worth pointing out that the tweet wasn’t necessarily directed at Miley Cyrus: After all, the Boston Herald noted Billy Ray Cyrus has a lot of children (but only one famous one). Those who saw the tweet were curious whether it was a reference to Miley; Christopher Cody, 23; Braison, 20; or Noah, 15. The family patriarch also has adopted stepchildren Brandi, 27, and Trace, 26. Before the Internet could explode with speculation, however, Billy Ray Cyrus reposted the now-infamous photoshopped pizza-baby image -- because he’s hilarious.

This isn’t the first time that Miley Cyrus has hinted at having an obsession with pizza, as those who visit her Instagram account will note many of the photos are pizza-themed in one way or another.