After the holidays, you might finally have time to catch up on some of the new fall TV shows. With so many choices, we’ve decided to narrow the list for you. These are a few of the best shows that came out this fall, so grab the leftover Christmas cookies and get ready to binge-watch!

1. “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” – Episodes: 13 – Available on Netflix

Marvel and Netflix’s second venture has been even better than their first, “Daredevil.” The studios’ first project fronted by a female superhero shows the titular character (Krysten Ritter) fighting PTSD as she decides to confront the villain who traumatized her in the first place. “Jessica Jones” isn’t just about a hero saving the day. The dark drama tackles subjects like rape, abuse and addiction without ever feeling like an after-school special.

Status: Season complete

2. “Quantico” – Episodes: 11 – Available on Hulu (no subscription required)

If you mixed the romances of “Grey’s Anatomy” with the plot twists of “How to Get Away With Murder,” you’d have “Quantico.” The sexy thriller follows FBI Agent Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) as she is framed for a terrorist attack. Flashbacks to her training help the audience determine who framed her.

Status: Midseason hiatus

3. “Master of None” – Episodes: 10 – Available on Netflix

Aziz Ansari returns to television, but he isn’t playing his “Parks and Recreation” character Tom Haverford. Dev is a much more laid-back character who is just trying to get by as an actor. With a cast of hilarious supporting characters, there are plenty of laughs to be found, and with half-hour episodes, this is easy to binge-watch.

Status: Season complete

4. “Scream Queens” – Episodes: 12 – Available on Hulu Plus

Ryan Murphy’s latest dramedy combines the hilarity of “Glee” with the thrills of “American Horror Story.” The murder mystery takes place at a sorority house and is packed with twists and turns as well as campy humor. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until you find out who the Red Devil killer is.

Status: Season complete

5. “The Man in the High Castle” – Episodes: 10  – Available on Amazon Prime

This drama, based on a Phillip K. Dick novel, takes the dystopian world setup to a new level by imagining what would have happened if the Nazis and Japan won WWII. Juliana (Alexa Davos) finds a film reel that shows a world where the Allies won the war, and that leads her down a dangerous path. The series has broken Amazon’s viewing records and has been renewed for a second season.

Status: Season complete

6. “Life in Pieces” – Episodes: 11 – Available on CBS All Access

This family comedy might be the next “Modern Family.” The half-hour program follows the Short family while they deal with their daily lives. It's divided into four stories that show the different stages of life. It’s nothing extraordinarily original, but it’s entertaining and relatable. “Life in Pieces” is especially good if you’re looking for something that’s not too intense.

Status: Midseason hiatus

What will you be binge-watching during the winter holiday season? Sound off in the comments section below!