Viewers were expecting to find out who the terrorist is in “Quantico” is during Sunday’s midseason finale. Unfortunately, while it revealed that Elias (Rick Cosnett) was directly responsible for planting Alex (Priyanka Chopra) at the Grand Central bombing, he isn’t the one who planned it all. He revealed that he was blackmailed, so there is still a terrorist out there. In the last moments of the finale, Caleb (Graham Rogers) was revealed to still be working with his cult group in the present day. Using his Mark Raymond alias, he looks at safety deposit boxes in the bank, and in the flash-forwards, that bank blows up. But that doesn’t mean anyone should call Caleb a terrorist just yet.

“I cannot answer that,” showrunner Joshua Safran told TVLine when directly asked if Caleb is the bomber. “But of course, it is an interesting development that the bank that Mark Raymond is depositing his money in is the same bank that would come to be the emergency command center at a later date.”

Safran confirmed that it was Caleb’s breakup with Shelby (Johanna Braddy) that pushed him back towards the cult. However, he wouldn’t reveal exactly what the troubled agent's goals are. “I would say Mark Raymond is a persona, a fake identity, that Caleb has created that will allow him to accomplish some things he needs to accomplish…whether they are good or bad,” Safran told TV Guide. “It's things he couldn't accomplish using his own name. It's part of a long, well thought-out plan on Caleb's plan to take care of some business that will be answered in Season 1.”

That isn’t the only question that needs to be answered in the second half of “Quantico” Season 1. If audiences aren’t supposed to assume Caleb is the bomber, that means Elias is the only confirmed terrorist.

“Elias is, when I said we learn [in the midseason finale] who the terrorist was, I said terrorist or terrorists, and I still stand by that,” Safran told Entertainment Weekly. “Elias is technically a terrorist, he perpetrated an act of terror. He did not press the button to blow up the buildings, Grand Central or the emergency command center, but he is a terrorist. The question is, is he a mastermind behind the plan or is he a pawn? That’s the question we have moving forward, but he’s a terrorist.”

Audiences still don’t know who the real mastermind behind the bombings is, but Elias won't be able to help. Elias jumped out the window and killed himself after he made his confession, so the team will have to do some more detective work to figure out the mastermind terrorist's identity.

“Quantico” returns to ABC in March.