Irrational Games, developer of the critically acclaimed "BioShock" series, has announced two new DLCs for "BioShock: Infinite," which was released earlier this year.

The first add-on in the pack, "Clash in the Clouds," features four new maps, 60 new challenges, brand new trophies and achievements for you to unlock. The downloadable content will cost $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points. "Clash in the Clouds" will begin rolling out on July 30, Irrational Games said; however, it may take a few days for "Clash in the Clouds" to roll out to all platforms and to all regions. 

Watch the "Clash in the Clouds" reveal video for "BioShock: Infinite" below, courtesy of YouTube.

Now, for the surprise. We only expected Irrational Games to release one DLC, instead it announced two. The second add-on, called "Burial at Sea - Episode 1," puts you back in Rapture, the setting of the original "BioShock" and "BioShock 2." Gamers will find new plasmids as well as new weapons. We think the name of this DLC is somewhat telling: Episode 1? That suggests multiple future "BioShock: Infinite" DLCs set in Rapture. A release date for "Burial at Sea- Episode 1" has yet to be announced.

Watch the "Burial at Sea - Episode 1" reveal video for "BioShock: Infinite" below, courtesy of YouTube.

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