BlackBerry is the newest firmware update from the Canadian company. It has been already released, and all the BlackBerry 10 OS powered devices are eligible to receive it.

Among the upgrades in BlackBerry, according to Our Berries, is improving the performance of the rear camera. The new firmware lets users snap quality photos in low-light conditions even when the camera is set to auto mode.

The update also improves the camera's face detection and reduces the blurring of images caused by motion. By adding events, users can personalize the Meeting Mode. This will make the device enter silent mode automatically when a meeting is in progress. BlackBerry’s new update also tweaks the calendar by letting it display the date in large or small font, depending on the events present on scheduled on a certain date.

The firmware update also marks the arrival of the BlackBerry Blend UI, which eases viewing files present on the BlackBerry handset over a PC. Users can now answer or dismiss new popup alerts directly through Blend UI.

According to Phone Arena, BlackBerry also has added a security feature called BlackBerry Protect. It will not let anyone reuse a stolen or lost BlackBerry handset or wipe off data from it. The owner of a stolen BlackBerry also will be able to display directions on the handset for returning it.

In another security feature to help find a lost BlackBerry phone, users will be able to send a signal to the lost device to make it ring loudly. Users who purchased BlackBerry handsets through BlackBerry’s online shop are getting the update first, reports Phone Arena.

The new BlackBerry 10 OS update will show a notification on the device that the firmware is available for download. The device will remain usable while the update is carried out. Once the update installation finishes, the device will prompt for restart.