On Monday afternoon, BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) resumed the rollout of BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, on Android and iPhone. BBM is a mobile instant-messaging application formerly exclusive to those who owned a BlackBerry device, and remains a popular communication method in parts of the world despite the Canadian manufacturer’s financial dilemmas.

BlackBerry says there is a waiting list for BBM downloads. First, users must download BBM for Android or iPhone from their respective marketplaces -- Google Play for Android users, and the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store for iOS (iPhone) users. As of this writing, the Android version of the app is not available, as the Google Play link shows an error message.


Android and iPhone users who are able to download BBM are redirected to a welcome page that requires registering for access with an email address. Users who signed up for more information on BBM.com are first in line, as BlackBerry says that it is “holding a spot” for them.

The rollout was resumed following a month-long delay, after the Canadian handset manufacturer claimed that an unofficial release of BBM for Android was overloading the company’s servers. BlackBerry said that the BBM for Android files that leaked were an earlier, more inefficient version of the app, which created more traffic than later versions.

BBM for Android Screenshot The International Business Times' attempts to download BBM for Android were unsuccessful on Monday afternoon. BlackBerry is offering a limited rollout of the messaging app, and will allow users who requested more information on BBM.com early access. Photo: Screenshot / IBTimes

BlackBerry originally announced BBM for Android and iPhone at the company’s annual conference in May. The manufacturer, based in Waterloo, Ontario, is reportedly considering a desktop version of the messaging application in addition to BBM for iPhone and Android.

The first version of BBM for Android and iPhone will lack some of the features found on current BlackBerry devices running the BB10 operating system. This includes video calls over mobile data connections, voice calls over Wi-Fi and a new social networking feature called BBM Channels.

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