BlackBerry announced that it is giving discounts on its Passport smartphone for customers willing to trade in their old iPhones, starting on Cyber Monday. The company currently offers a $200 discount on the BlackBerry Passport for customers in the U.S., and has also announced new colors for the business-centric behemoth.

BlackBerry will take trade-ins on models including 2011’s iPhone 4S, for which it will offer “up to $90,” depending on what shape the phone is in, plus another $150 toward the Passport. Qualifying models also include the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and 6, for which BlackBerry is offering a sliding scale, maxing out at a $550 discount for trade-ins of the iPhone 6. The program starts on Dec. 1, or Cyber Monday, and runs all the way until Feb. 13.

The Passport is currently sitting atop's "best-selling unlocked cell phone" category, which likely has something to do with the Canadian manufacturer's “Black Friday” promotion. The Passport's price is currently down to $499, from $699

blackberry passport best selling amazon smartphone BlackBerry's big Passport smartphone is the top-selling unlocked cell phone on Amazon, as of Tuesday morning. It's on sale for $499 (USD) until Dec. 1. Photo: Inc.

If you don’t have an iPhone to trade, or think you can get more than $550 for your iPhone 6, then it may be best to pick up the BlackBerry Passport by Nov. 30. Both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales exclude the company’s new colors, including a red BlackBerry Passport due out on Nov. 28 in the U.S., with preorders now open on Amazon in the U.S. A white version is on the way as well.

In a crowded smartphone market, the BlackBerry Passport uniquely stands out with an enormous square touchscreen (4.5-inches) accompanied by the company’s trademark physical keyboard, which is also touch-sensitive, allowing users to scroll web pages and interact with text.