While “The Walking Dead” on AMC might be competing with football for ratings, NBC’s “The Blacklist” plans to use the sport to give itself a boost. “The Blacklist” has one more episode left before it takes a hiatus until its special post-Super Bowl return on Feb. 1. According to the cast, episode 8 (the fall finale) and the Super Bowl episode (episode 9) are going to be big ones after the shocking reveal in episode 7 that Red (James Spader) had found Berlin’s (Peter Stormare) daughter (Scottie Thompson).

NBC has released a series of cast interviews previewing the next two episodes as well as the Super Bowl time slot change. After the Feb. 1 Super Bowl return, “The Blacklist” will move to Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST where it hopes the new time slot and Super Bowl hype will boost the show’s already impressive ratings. According to the cast, the show plans to go out (with the fall finale) and return (after the Super Bowl) with a bang.

“A lot goes down in [episodes 8 and 9]…there will be some huge, huge events that will change the direction of the show,” Amir Arison, who plays C.I.A. analyst Amar Mojtabai, explained. Arison added that the crux of the surprises coming might hinge on the relationship between Red and Liz (Megan Boone) saying, “It’s exciting to watch Red and Liz (Megan Boone) with their own agendas that intersect and may support or not support each other. “

Watch Amir Arison’s interview below:

James Spader, who plays Red, echoed Arison’s intrigue about his character’s relationship with Liz. “People have moved off [wanting to know the true relationship between Red and Liz], but the thing that I like is that the nature of their relationship right now despite whatever happened in the past is as compelling," he dished.

Red and Liz have been on shaky ground with Red seeming to know that she is keeping a secret (Liz has had Tom prisoner all season). Things should only get tenser between the two as Liz continues hunting for Berlin, wanting him dead, while Red is now working with the killer. Spader promises the fall finale will have a resolution, albeit a “bittersweet” one that “opens another door.”

Watch James Spader’s interview below:

Fans will have to wait for episode 8 to see how “The Blacklist” will end before its three-month hiatus. And speaking of fans, the show may be picking up a lot more of them soon after the Super Bowl return. The fall finale of “The Blacklist” airs Monday, Nov. 10, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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