Liz (Megan Boone, not pictured) was keeping Tom (Ryan Eggold, pictured) prisoner in episode 7 of "The Blacklist" Season 2. NBC

Finally! Fans of NBC’s “The Blacklist” have been on the edge of their seats since episode 6 of season 2 revealed that Liz (Megan Boone) had been keeping Tom (Ryan Eggold) hidden from Red (James Spader) behind the mysterious locked door. Viewers have been waiting all week to see what will happen when Liz and Tom clash in episode 7, and it was revealed when “The Scimitar” aired on Nov. 3.

However, that wasn't the only drama to focus on -- Red and Liz had a case to solve in the new episode. “The Scimitar” began in Dubai where Samar (Mozhan Marno) picked up a man in a bar, Kian Nouri (Ryan Shams), who later suspiciously fell from a window to his death.

Back in the U.S., Red revealed to Liz and Samar that he knew Samar had carried out the assassination for Mossad (Nouri was Iran’s top nuclear scientist). Red warned that Iran was sending an assassin, known as the Scimitar (Waleed Zuaiter) to retaliate by killing one of America’s top scientists.

Meanwhile, Liz visited Tom where she demanded to know the name of Berlin’s supplier. He gave her the name and begged to be let free (he was not doing well), but Liz seemed intent on keeping him prisoner until Berlin was out of the picture completely. Liz took the information she got to Red who seemed suspicious of her source, knowing she wasn’t doing her investigating on the C.I.A. books. He even alluded to Tom possibly still being alive and being her source.

Liz then returned to C.I.A. Black Site where she learned that they had identified one of the assassination targets, John Reese (Brian Haley), a Department of Defense official, from documents found at a hideout. Liz and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) rushed off to pick Reese up before he could be killed. They got to him first, but were immediately attacked by assassins who pursued Liz, Ressler, and Reese. The assailants threw a bomb into their car and caused an accident that left Liz and Ressler in the hospital and John Reese mysteriously missing.

Liz called Director Cooper (Harry Lenix) from the hospital, but when Cooper sent men to the scene he learned that Liz and Ressler were never checked in at a hospital and the DOD had no record of a John Reese. Cooper realized it was all a trick by the Scimitar to identity the American scientist by seeing who the C.I.A. mobilized to protect. When Samar realized what had happened she contacted Red for help.

Red had been meeting with Zoe (Scottie Thompson) who confessed she was angry with her father for many terrible things he had done, but had not seen him in a long time. Just as she seems to make a connection, drugs Red had given her kicked in and Red and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) dragged the unconscious woman into their car. He later met up with Samar where he confessed that the Scimitar was the man who killed her brother.

Red and Samar paid a visit to a wealthy Iranian man in the U.S. who Red suspected was the Scimitar’s contact in the U.S. who informed him about a warehouse the Scimitar was using.

Back at the fake hospital, Liz realized she was a secret prisoner and was able to wake Ressler (after realizing his IV was a sedative) and escape with the help of Red and Samar, who arrived just in time. It turned out the warehouse was the fake hospital.

The team rushed to the hotel of the scientist the Scimitar was targeting and stopped him from kidnapping and killing her, but not before the Scimitar escaped. However, the Scimitar returned to the house of the wealthy Iranian where Red was waiting for him. Red tied him up and left him for Samar to kill as revenge for her brother.

Red on the other hand had bigger fish to fry. Red arrived at a secret meeting where it turned out he was meeting with Berlin (Peter Stormare)! However, Red had a big surprise. Zoe was actually Berlin’s daughter, the daughter he believed Red had killed. Berlin will have some questions to answer in the next episode.

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