Episode 6 of “The Blacklist” Season 2 promised to answer two of the series biggest questions. One was the identity of Red’s (James Spader) mystery woman; the other was who or what Liz (Megan Boone) was hiding behind her secret door. However, they would first have to deal with one of the most horrific cases yet on “The Blacklist.”

In the beginning of the episode Red alerted Liz to a string of dead bodies that had been discovered in connection with the Mombasa Cartel, a highly secretive organized crime syndicate that dealt in illegal animal poaching and human trafficking.

Liz tracked the dead bodies to the headquarters of a former conservationist commune in Alaska and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) went to investigate. Meanwhile, Red arranged for Liz to meet with a wealthy wildlife conservationist (and an old friend), Jeff Pearl, who might have some information on the cartel.

Meanwhile, episode 6 revealed that Ressler was struggling with an addiction to painkillers. Early in the episode the F.B.I. agent broke his own finger to get a new prescription for the medication. So it came as no surprise when he was not on top his game investigating the Alaska commune. When he discovered that a woman, Skye (Phyllis Sommerville), was buying live people from the cartel for her mentally handicapped son, Matthew, to hunt and kill (he then stuffed them set them up in the woods like dolls).

Liz showed up with F.B.I. reinforcements after Ressler went out of contact and she arrived just in time. After being released into the woods to be hunted by Matthew, Ressler, in a scene more reminiscent of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” than “The Blacklist,” disguised himself as one of Matthew’s human dolls and was able to stab and injure the killer. Liz and the F.B.I. swooped in just as Skye killer herself along with her scared and injured son.

Elsewhere, Red was busy in episode 6. First he set up a “chance” meeting with Zoe D’Antonio (Scottie Thompson), the woman he had been searching for in the past few episodes. However, though fans got her name, the show did not reveal what she means to Red. The two seemed to meet for a simple lunch date with Red pretending to be a random man named Kenneth.

Red got a little more personal with Jeff Pearl after discovering that he was actually behind the Mombasa Cartel. He confronted the corrupt businessman, at first agreeing to let him live in exchange for the names of everyone associated with the cartel, but later Red revealed why he had been so worked up with Liz earlier about the cartel. It turned out Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq), Red’s body man, was a former sex slave for the cartel before Red found him and took him under his wing. Despite Dembe’s call for mercy, Red kills Jeff saying he and Jeff are not good men like Dembe.

However, fans will be talking about the reveal at the end of the episode. Fans finally got to see what Liz was hiding behind her secret door and many theories were confirmed when it turned out to be Tom (Ryan Eggold) who, evidently, did not die in the Season 1 finale after all. Tom is the prisoner of a very angry Liz and it’s only a matter of time before Red finds out.

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