In episode 14 of “The Blacklist,” Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) would have another criminal to pursue, but fans might be more interested in someone else’s appearance in the episode -- Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold). After some promos for the last episode teased the character’s return, Tom finally made his comeback in “T. Earl King VI.” With so many unresolved storylines featuring the double-crossing husband, it was sure to be an exciting rendezvous.

The next target on Red’s blacklist was a wealthy family: the Kings. While on the surface the family seemed to be just another well-to-do family on the up and up, Red revealed that a large portion of their fortune came from curating auctions of illegal contraband -- stolen paintings, uranium stolen from British intelligence, even people.

While tracking down the family, Red ended up their prisoner after he was ambushed and kidnapped by Francis King (Erik Jensen), who hoped to use Red to outsell his brother Tyler (Alex Manette) in a life or death competition at the auction

Meanwhile, Liz and the FBI had captured a woman, Josephine Sullivan (Emily Nicole Hansen), who was in town to attend one of the King’s auctions on behalf of a collector of stolen art. Sullivan revealed she was meant to check in at a hotel and request a "room with a view of the capital" – a password – to gain access to the auction. Liz went undercover, pretending to be Sullivan, and checked into the hotel herself with Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Samar (Mozhan Marno) tailing. However, when the room number turned out to be a parking space, Ressler and Samar lost Liz when she was drugged and driven off to the hidden location.

Red, on the other hand, was busy meeting the wheelchair-bound head of the King family -- Earl King -- where fans learned the two men had a rocky history.

When the time came for the auction, Liz was surprised to find that Red was for sale! Liz pretended to be disinterested, but when Ubari showed up to buy Red as revenge, Liz could not help but bid to try and save Red, blowing her cover.

Back at the FBI, Cooper (Harry Lenix) became frustrated when a clerk at the hotel was allowed to call a lawyer, raising more red flags about Liz’s cover. To get the location of the auction, Cooper arranged to be alone with the clerk in the interrogation room, turning off the camera and explaining that, with his terminal condition, he was willing to do whatever it takes to keep his people safe.

Meanwhile, Liz had made her way to the holding area of the King’s merchandise and freed a young boy, Vincent Peretti (Matthew Miniero), who was also sold at the auction. She tried to free Red, but was forced to flee with the boy to avoid capture. However, she later decided to return alone to try and save him, which was good because Liz showed up just in time to stop Ubari from cutting off Red’s head.

Together, they went to confront the Kings. Red shot Earl, but left Tyler and Francis for the FBI.

Afterward, Red asked Liz to never risk her life for him again. In an emotional scene, Liz said she cared about him and he would have to learn to accept her help. Red, visibly moved, thanked her for saving him, but reiterated his warning not to do it again.

As for Tom, his return to the show was pretty quick. Early in the episode Liz had received a call from her estranged husband who revealed he had come out of hiding for a new mission. He would not give Liz anymore information, but fans later saw the spy shaving his head and getting some curious tattoos. In the last scene, Tom entered a bar in Dresden and was welcomed by a group of neo-Nazis after picking a fight. Fans will have to wait to see what he is doing in Germany.

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