Episode 11 of NBC's "The Blacklist" Season 3 ended with some big news — Liz (Megan Boone) is pregnant! The former FBI agent was just getting used to her newly  restored freedom and she now has a big decision to make. Of course, she also ended episode 11 in the hospital after the savage beating she took from the man who still thought she was a terrorist suspect. What would she do in episode 12, "The Vehm"?

In the new episode Liz is out of the hospital, but still in a pickle. She can not decide if shewants to keep the baby she is carrying. There are signs all around her that a baby is in her future — she keeps seeing her neighbor carrying around her own little one in the apartment hallway and Tom announces he has found a real job as a teacher in Boston! He wants to move their with the dog he just adopted. However, when she makes a pros and cons list, the former suspected terrorist has a whole lot more cons than pros. 

When Liz heads out to meet up with the FBI task force, Tom finds the list and realizes Liz is pregnant with his baby. When she returns she urges him to keep it, promising that they can fix all of the cons on her list. 

"All but one," says Liz — she means Red (James Spader) of course.  

Speaking of Red, one of Red's associates has been killed by a newly resurrected religious cult called the Vehm that kills their victims with medieval torture devices, including a device, a lead sprinkler, used to pour lead down the poor victim's throats. The task force takes a look at all of the victims and deduces that the group is full of radicalized former pedophiles who mutilated themselves and now target other pedophiles. Red, though, does not think it is that simple. He claims that the victim he knows was no pedophile. 

By the way, Red is acting a little funny. He captured the man who brutally beat Liz in that parking lot in episode 11 and shoots him, but not before delivering one of his trademark speeches. 

"When I was young, I romanticized the life of an outlaw," says Red. That was a long time ago."

Then, when Red and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) track down a known money launderer and accuse him of being behind the man behind the Vehm resurgence — see, another thing all of the victims have in common is that they are all competing money launderers, he forces the in-hiding criminal, who is apparently a musician, to sing a song with his wife. They awkwardly sing a folk song until Dembe cuts them off in a pretty surreal scene, even by "The Blacklist" standards. Did Red just want to hear some music?

Meanwhile, Samar (Mozhan Marno) is still fuming over Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) having fired her back in the winter finale. However, Cooper (Henry Lennix) tells her he wrote some glowing things in a status report that got Samar her job back. That softens her approach as they go out in the field together and apprehend one of the Vehm's assassins (Anthony Carrigan), whom fans saw earlier in the episode picking up a file with another target from a priest in a Catholic church confessional. After interrogating the prisoner, Liz deduces that whoever is controlling the Vehm is manipulating the group of fanatics to carry out their own personal agenda. 

The Blacklist Red (James Spader) confronts the leader of a deadly cult in episode 12 of "The Blacklist" Season 3. Photo: NBC

Red beats the FBI to the punch. He pays a visit to the priest who previously gave the captured Vehm killer the target file. It turns out he is the money launderer taking out his competition. Red uses the enclosing FBI as leverage to force him into a treacherous deal. If the priest turns his cronies on one more target, Red will spare him the humiliation of FBI capture. He agrees. Unfortunately, Red's target ... is the priest!

"Hell hath no fury like a fundamentalist scorned," Red jokes. 

See, Red thought it would be a good idea to get rid of one more money launderer. They are his competition! 

After the case, Samar pulls Ressler aside and thanks him for the status report praise. However, Ressler says he never did any such thing. In fact, he does not trust Samar now and did not think she should have gotten her job back. 

"Well," Samar retorts, "nothing personal, but you were lousy in bed." Burn!

It turns out Aram (Amir Arison) hacked Ressler's computer to fabricate the report and get Samar back on the task force. Samar thanks her "friend," but something about the way they look at each other suggests they may be more soon. 

Meanwhile, Liz stops by the hair salon and it is goodbye to the blonde lockes and hello brunette bop. Red pays the new-look Liz a visit and says he was wrong to say it would be inconvenient to have a baby right now. He says if her mother saw things that way Liz would have never been born. It is a touching speech, but Liz is freaked out by Red seeing that Tom lost that Boston teaching job and moved out her new-mother neighbor in exchange for a surveillance team, you know, for her safety. 

Liz does not feel so safe and does not want to bring a baby into this environment. In the episode's final scene she calls an adoption agency. 

"The Blacklist" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.