BlackRock Inc . Chief Executive Officer Laurence Fink is worried that some financial regulatory proposals under consideration could do more harm than good.

Speaking at Goldman Sachs financial services conference, Fink said regulation is a fact of life and necessary in some cases. But he's worried that some reforms under consideration will be damaging'' to investors and might prevent the securitization market from getting going.

Fink said he's particularly worried about any proposal that would impinge on the rights of first lien holders'' on mortgages in a securitized offering or bond.

Investors need to be heard,'' he said.

Fink pointed out that BlackRock is now regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency following the completion of its acquisition of Barclays Global Investors.

He said the integration of BGI into BlackRock is off to a good start. But Fink added it will probably take 18 months to complete the integration.

(Reporting by Matthew Goldstein)