Country singer Blake Shelton has seen his relationship with the public and the media get pretty strained in the past few months following his highly public divorce and subsequent new relationship with his NBC co-star. Now, it seems like the “Sangria” singer has had enough and he’s lashing out at some of his more vocal followers on Twitter.

The decorated coach of the reality-TV singing competition "The Voice" dropped a pretty nasty tweet on Jan. 11, in which he called out an anonymous collection of “haters” that have apparently been spreading rumors that Shelton has been having a bad 2016 thus far. [Tweet is NSFW]

As previously mentioned, the singer doesn’t specify who he is talking to or what offense prompted the unkind words, but it seems he’s had enough with people talking trash about his life. This isn’t the first time Shelton has taken to Twitter to rebut followers who spoke out of turn about what’s going on in his world. On Jan. 7, Shelton apparently got into an altercation with someone on Twitter that prompted him or her to delete their account after the vitriolic backlash.

“Yes... Does making friends or brushing your teeth come into play with yours?” Shelton wrote. Unfortunately, because the other user seems to have deleted his or her account, it’s unclear exactly what prompted the fiery response.

For the most part, the singer’s account remained quiet until Jan. 11, when the above tweet rang out to his 15.3 million followers. The artist spent a little more time throughout the day responding to fans who supported his statement with comments like:

“If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this. Take no bull----.”


“Yee haw!!! Life is short, friends… Don’t take any s--- from people.”

While the Twitter tirade feels fresh, Entertainment Tonight notes that the 39-year-old had troubles with the same issue in October 2015. After his split from Miranda Lambert in July, Shelton was consumed by media coverage and speculation about what caused the split and who he’d move on to next. Fans and the media doubled down on coverage of the country singer’s personal life when it came to light that, as many had predicted, he’d started dating his “The Voice” co-star Gwen Stefani.