“Lonely Tonight” singer Blake Shelton has not been coping well since he and his ex-wife, “Over You” singer Miranda Lambert, divorced in July. The country star and judge on NBC's "The Voice" reportedly has overindulged in alcohol since his high-profile breakup and might need rehab, In Touch Weekly wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday.

Things got out of control when the star went to Cancún, Mexico, to celebrate his friend’s bachelor party, an insider said. “He was doing shots of tequila nonstop and partied with strippers all weekend,” the insider said, adding, “things got more and more [wild] each day he was there.”

Shelton is known for his partying ways, but they’ve escalated since he and Lambert moved on from each other. When they were together she used to keep him grounded. “He’s free-falling to a very bad place. Of course, he’s always liked to drink a lot, but now his alcohol consumption has skyrocketed,” an insider said. “She kept Blake grounded. She was his voice of reason,” the person said about Lambert.

Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Country singer Miranda Lambert battled rumors that she abused ex-husband Blake Shelton while they were married. Pictured: The former couple during a happier time at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Feb. 9, 2015. Photo: Reuters

With Lambert gone, things have gotten so bad with Shelton that his friends and colleagues want him to seek professional help and go to rehab. But he isn’t interested. “... Blake insists throwing himself into the new season of 'The Voice' is the best distraction and all he needs,” the insider said.

The cover of In Touch Weekly’s latest issue has a picture of a sweaty Shelton that claims to have “the real story.” In big, bold, yellow letters the cover reads: “Rehab For Blake” and “He Finally Hits Rock Bottom.” The mag claims to divulge inside details like Shelton is “drinking vodka before noon & slurring his words -- it’s worse than anyone knows.” The last two bullet points say: “What he did while wasted that destroyed his marriage” and “How his friends begged him to stop joking about drinking & get help.”

The rehab rumors aren’t the only drama Shelton has faced since his divorce from Lambert. He also was tied to “Hollaback Girl” singer Gwen Stefani, who also is a coach on “The Voice.” She too recently split from her spouse, Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale.

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