Blake Shelton’s divorce may be fresh in the minds of fans, but the country superstar is more than ready to move on. He went right back to work on “The Voice” just days after finalizing his divorce from singer Miranda Lambert in late July 20, continuing his usual playful banter with fellow judge Adam Levine. But a recent interview with People suggests Shelton wouldn't mind trading places with the Maroon Five frontman.

The “Sangria” singer told the magazine that if he had to switch lives with any of his “The Voice” co-stars, it would definitely be Levine. When asked to elaborate, he said there were “a lot of good options,” but Levine’s supermodel wife, Behati Prinsloo, sweetened the deal for him. In keeping with their hilarious non-stop back-and-forth, Shelton added that he didn’t “give a f---” whether Levine knew he had chosen him based solely on his wife.

“I’m gonna say I would pick Adam because he’s married to a supermodel. Need I say more?” he joked. “I don’t give a f---. That’s who I’m picking and it’s because of his wife. Period.”

Despite their apparent bickering, Shelton and Levine have become close friends. In fact, the recently divorced country star told People his favorite part of the show was “those friendships.” He revealed that even off camera he and Levine spend a lot of time together “just talking.”

Shelton and Lambert, 31, who were married for four years, went public about their divorce in late July. At the time everything had already been finalized. Although they are no longer married, the pair remain cordial. They have engaged each other several times on Twitter since breaking up, often joking about tabloid headlines regarding their split.