Blake Shelton isn’t afraid to call out his naysayers. The “Lonely Tonight” singer and coach on NBC's "The Voice" slammed a Twitter user after he offered a list of rehab facilities Shelton could possibly attend.

Shelton, 38, responded with an expletive-laden, sarcastic tweet. “Nice ideas,” he wrote in all capitalizations. Then he suggested the netizen kiss his “a--” and “suck camel n---.” The tweet was favorited nearly 2,200 times by his 13.6 million followers and it was shared hundreds of times.

Shelton’s harsh retaliation came after someone shared an article about the most popular rehab centers for high-profile people and celebrities to attend. The person simply titled the message “Nice rehabs.” The Betty Ford Clinic in California and the Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania were included on the list.

The singer quickly moved on from the tweet and focused on the Season 9 premiere of “The Voice.” He tweeted about fellow coaches Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. He didn’t, however, mention No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, whom he reportedly is dating. Neither singer has addressed the gossip head-on, but the rumor is widely believed to be a hoax.

One thing Shelton isn’t shy talking about is his drinking. Even though he denies he needs help with alcohol, friends and colleagues are worried about his excessive partying.

The country star “finally hit rock bottom,” In Touch Weekly wrote last week. The magazine claimed it had “the real story” and that “friends are terrified that he could end up dead at this rate,” a source said.

When the rumor first emerged, he made a joke with one of his followers who jested he felt like Shelton when someone spread a rumor about him. “Ha!!! I love this tweet!!!!," Shelton wrote Friday. "Hey look I have cell service in rehab!!!!” he added, in reference to the In Touch Weekly story.

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