Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been making waves since they started dating near the end of 2015. The relationship has now spilled over into the music of both artists. Stefani's new song "Make Me Like You," is about Shelton, and his brand new single "Came Here to Forget" is also about her.

Shelton's track, which was released Tuesday, touches on the relationship the 39-year-old country singer and Stefani have built and the pain of going through his divorce from Miranda Lambert

Shelton sings about the two of them at a bar getting drinks and moving past their exes. In the chorus of the song, he says, "Keep playing them songs, keep singing along / Keep leaning it on in closer / Keep salting the rim, getting even with her / And even with him before the night is over / That first kiss was like a Colorado hit / You better keep on keeping it lit / 'Til we can't remember / Can't remember why we came here to forget."

Shelton also sings, "misery loves company, that's why it's you and me," on "Came Here to Forget." This hints at what Shelton was going through following his divorce from Lambert after four years of marriage. Stefani, 46, was hurting too, after her 15-year marriage with Bush singer Gavin Rossdale ended in divorce last summer. "The Voice" coaches then started dating in October 2015.

In a statement (via Entertainment Weekly), Shelton said the song was his "most intimate yet." The song was written by Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan.

“I’ve had a lot of music over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a song that’s such a direct look into my life,” Shelton explained of the single. “That’s why I’m so excited about this particular song.”

You can listen to the full song below:

Shelton's 10th studio album, which has yet to be named, will be released this year. The new album could also feature a duet along with Stefani, according to Us Weekly.

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