Leoric hype anyone? Blizzard Entertainment released its newest character into "Heroes of the Storm" on Tuesday night, Leoric from "Diablo" has officially entered the Nexus.

Last week Blizzard uploaded a hero spotlight of Leoric on YouTube, and he looks pretty awesome. The new warrior has a trait called “Undying” in which he can reduce the cool down timer for his respawn and “haunt the battleground even after his death.” When he dies he can remain in play as a ghost and slow down enemies, respawning at his position on the map.

Blizzard teased the release date on its Polish Facebook page on Monday and posted a Leoric trailer on its American Facebook page Tuesday afternoon saying, "Leoric will rise once again -- this time to terrorize the field of battle in the Nexus!" Players can purchase him for 15,000 gold or for real money in the HotS store.

His two heroic abilities are “Entomb,” in which he can trap enemies within three walls of a tomb, and “March of the Black King,” where he deals damage to everything in his path while healing himself. Does that sound like a balanced character to you? Leoric seems like he could easily shift the Meta.

Watch the introduction for Leoric below and get hyped for the Skeleton King to join the Nexus. In the meantime catch up news from the "Road to BlizzCon" July North American Open.