As part of the “Heroes of the Storm” launch celebration, Blizzard Entertainment’s multiplayer online "Hero Brawler" will have an event called “Heroes Of The Storm: The Mayhem Begins.” It will be live-streamed on YouTube from noon to 3 p.m. PDT Saturday. Read on to learn more about it. reports that the “Heroes of the Storm: The Mayhem Begins” event will feature sneak-peek content from the game’s development team. All-star eSports matches will also be hosted during this special event. Some of the teams to watch out for are BlizzCon winners Jesse Cox and Team Low Expectations, “Heroes of the Dorm” winner University of California, Berkeley, and challenger Cloud9.

The hosts of “Heroes of the Storm: The Mayhem Begins” are Anna Prosser and Malik Forte. Click here to watch the Saturday event. Casters include Tim "Trikslyr" Frazier, Corey "Cooby" Hauver, Kevin "Cloaken" Johnson and Jake "SolidJake" Kulinski.

“Heroes of the Storm” was launched Tuesday. The official website of the game describes it as “a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters.” These characters include “Starcraft’s” Kerrigan (Queen of Blades), “Warcraft’s” Malfurion Stormrage (Archdruid) and “Diablo’s” Tyrael (Archangel of Justice).

There are a total of 37 characters from “Warcraft,” “Diablo” and “Starcraft. The newest addition is “Diablo’s” Johanna Crusader of Zakarum. Below are some of the customizable heroes that are part of Blizzard’s new game.


-- Sgt. Hammer (Siege Tank Operator)

-- Abathur (Evolution Master)

-- Tassadar (Savior of the Templar)

-- Zagara (Broodmother of the Swarm)

-- Tychus (Notorious Outlaw)


-- Gazlowe (Boss of Ratchet)

-- Kael’thas (The Sun King)

-- Tyrande (High Priestess of Elune)

-- Li Li (World Wanderer)

-- Arthas (The Lich King)


-- Nazeebo (Heretic Witch Doctor)

-- Sonya (Wandering Barbarian)

-- Valla (Demon Hunter)

-- Diablo (Lord of Terror)

-- Azmodan (Lord of Sin)

These heroes are divided into four types: Assassins, Warriors, Specialists and Supports. Assassins and Warriors deal major damage to enemies. Support characters assist other players in healing or using buffs. Specialist characters, like the commander and siege heroes, have special roles that are beneficial to their team.

This game has seven Battlegrounds and these are the Tomb of the Spider Queen, Garden of Terror, Dragon Shire, Haunted Mines, Blackheart’s Bay, Sky Temple and Cursed Hollow. Click here and here to learn more about the “Heroes of the Storm” Battlegrounds and Heroes.